Heller 788 In-line, Continuous Cure, Vertical Format Oven

Increase productivity, improve quality, reduce costs... with vertical format curing solutions from Heller.

In-line, vertical automation of the epoxy cure process produces immediate, significant benefits in three areas:

  1. In-line automation increases productivity by eliminating the labor needed to load and unload batch ovens.
  2. It improves process consistency, and therefore quality, by reducing the time and temperature variations caused by the frequent opening of batch oven doors.
  3. And, as floor allocation costs rise on all factory floors... and particularly in clean rooms... a vertical format oven requires as little as six feet of floorspace for cure cycles as long as four hours.

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788 Vertical Oven for Back End Semiconductor Manufacturing

Replace up to three batch ovens with one Heller 788 oven... and enhance die attach security as well. Continuous processing eliminates fluctuations in curing temperatures when oven doors are opened for loading and unloading. The immediate processing and the uniform temperatures obtainable only with in-line curing ensure more consistent output, first piece to last.

Easy-open side doors provide rapid access to product, when required.

Forced convection heating ensures consistent, uniform cure profiles.

Heller Vertical format ovens consume unused air space, not valuable floor space.

Increase Productivity width 788 Vertical Oven

The Heller 788 in-line, continuous cure, vertical format oven conveys product from the assembly line onto rails inside the oven... then transports it up, across and back down to the line in a continuous stream... with cycle times as short as 25 seconds. Four internal thermal zones with independent time and temperature controls produce virtually any recommended curing or encapsulant profile, including two-step curing. Curing times may be set as short as a few minutes or as long as several hours, with a pass-through cycle also available.

Versatile Heller in-line cure ovens transport standard to ultra-thin boards.

Versatile Heller in-line cure ovens transport standard to ultra-thin boards.

The 788 is clean room compatible and engineered to maintain temperature uniformity in either air or nitrogen atmospheres. Conveyor width adjustability ... carrier versatility... the only magazine interface in the industry ..and a variety of shuttle mechanisms... enable the 788 to convey product from two to 18 inches (five to 46 cm) in width, and as thin as .015 inch (.4mm)

For die attach, flip chip underfill and COB encapsulation...

Heller's in-line continuous epoxy cure ovens provide:

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