Heller Industries has implemented systems that comply with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC).

14 Dec 2015

Heller Industries believes it is very important to be a good Corporate Citizen.

To that end, Heller is committed to sustainability and to minimizing our impact on the environment through the following approaches:

  • Conserving our natural resources & Reducing use of non-recyclable products
  • Creating designs for our equipment that conserve natural resources
  • Educate and motivate our employees and agents to operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Conducting Eco-Friendly operations that do not compromise quality or service to our customers
  • Waste Reduction both in our factories and through our equipment usage
  • Heller has never had any fines or penalties due to environmental issues
The positive impact to our business based on the initiatives and programs implemented in our Heller China operations has resulted in the following:

Heller Metric

Key Impact 2014 vs. 2015 (Per Machine Basis)

Electric Bill Reduction


Green House Gas Reduction %


Electric Consumption Reduction (KW/H)


Water Bill Reduction $


Water Consumption Reduction (M3)


N2 Gas Bill  Reduction $


N2 Gas Consumption Reduction (KG)



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