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Component Cracking

Cracking of multilayer ceramic capacitors has been attributed to excessive heating rates during reflow. This may be somewhat mythical and what little cracking is still observed usually tends to be due to defects in the manufacturing process of the capacitor. Cracking of plastic-molded packages, such as QFPs and BGAs, sometimes called the popcorn effect is sometimes due to absorbed moisture in the thermoset plastic body but may also be due to a flaw in the design and/or manufacture of the component.

Process and design-related causes of component cracking:

  • Improper fabrication of the component
  • Improper design of the component
  • Improper packaging of component during shipping
  • Improper storage of components at incoming and on the manufacturing floor resulting in excessive absorbed moisture

Reflow-related causes of component cracking:

  • Preheat portion of profile and rate of heating too aggressive (should not exceed 4K/sec. per 20 sec. interval.
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