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Voidless / Vacuum Reflow Soldering Ovens

We offer vacuum reflow ovens with several different footprint and vacuum chamber size options, and are suitable for all volumes of production from R&D to HVM. To see how our vacuum reflow soldering ovens can help your process, email us at VacuumTest@hellerindustries.com for a free vacuum reflow demo and void analysis on your product.

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Key advantages of Heller vacuum reflow soldering ovens:

Low Void Rates

By utilizing a vacuum cycle during the reflow process, these vacuum reflow ovens are able to remove voids in solder joints and interfaces.

Highest UPH

Our vacuum reflow ovens offer an optional staging conveyor for the fastest vacuum chamber transfer times. Dual rail conveyors are also available for additional throughput.

No Shifting Parts

The smooth-travel conveyor system ensures that components are not shifted or moved during travel throughout the oven. Boards on conveyor experience minimal vibration during travel – including entering and exiting the vacuum chamber.

No Solder or Flux Splatter

Our vacuum pumps offer closed-loop control for a controlled multi-step pump down and re-fill. This prevents yield-killing solder and flux splatter that can occur with single stage, open-loop vacuum systems offered by the competition.

Vacuum profile with multi-step pump down

IR Heated Vacuum Chamber

Infra-red heaters allow for peak temperatures to be reached inside the vacuum chamber for shorter times above liquidus and more process flexibility. High chamber temperatures ensure for no flux buildup inside the chamber.

Time inside vacuum chamber

IR heaters allow for peak to occur in chamber, for shorter time above liquidus.

Award Winning Advanced Flux Separation System

  • Fitlerless Flux Separation System
  • Water Cooling Option To Increase Cooling Rate
  • “Easy Clean” Mode That Only Takes 30 Minutes

Nitrogen Inert Atmosphere

Down to 10 PPM Oxygen levels with 50% reduction in N2 consumption. Oxygen monitoring with closed-loop control for the tightest process control!

Oven Cpk Reporting Software

Powered by ECD, this SPC package gives real time Cpk data on your process – A standard feature with no extra charge.

True Leadership and Experience

With several years’ experience in vacuum reflow, Heller Industries is recognized as the world leader in vacuum reflow technology.

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