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PCB Delamination

PCB Delamination is a separation between any of the layers of the base material or between the laminate and the conductive foil, or both.

Process and design-related causes of PCB Delamination:

  • Improper fabrication of the PCB
  • Improper packaging of PCBs during shipping
  • Improper storage of PCBs resulting in excessive absorbed moisture. (Some practitioners pre-bake components and boards to drive out moisture. This is not encouraged and should be a last resort as baking tends to build intermetallics as well as degrade the solderability by increasing oxidation levels. Shipping and storing suspect plastic molded components in nitrogen is preferred.)

Reflow-related causes of PCB delamination:

  • Preheat portion of profile and rate of heating too aggressive (should not exceed 4K/sec.)
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