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Heller Software Products

  • Heller 365 – Heller 365 is an SPC and traceability software package offer in 3 levels:
    • Level 1 – (Traceability) Includes logging of all products run, oven parameters, CpK
    • Level 2 – (Sensor-less Profile Monitoring) Includes Level 1 plus profile monitoring for each board.
    • Level 3 – (Profile Monitoring with TC) Includes Level 1 plus profile monitoring for each board using additional sensor rods positioned near board level.
  • Industry 4.0 Capable with Heller Interface and Heller Support
  • Compatible Interface Standards
    • IPC CFX
    • Hermes
    • SECS/GEM
    • ASM
    • iLNB
    • Fuji Link

Automation with Integrated EFEM

Heller offers EFEM integration for handling both wafers and large glass panels. Dual EFEM and single EFEM with return conveyor configuration options are available.

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