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Heller Industries Contributes to Industry 4.0 Through Integration with the Panasonic PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition MES Software

As a Panasonic Total Solutions Partner, Heller Industries is able to offer a deeper and wider range of opportunities to electronics manufacturers globally.
Heller is working together with Panasonic Factory Solutions to deliver an integrated production floor by enabling its reflow soldering machines / reflow ovens to work in conjunction with other automation machinery through a standardized and centralized enterprise software solution from Panasonic – PanaCIM® This is another contribution from Panasonic and Heller Industries to Industry 4.0 and today’s electronic manufacturing industry standards. A multi-level, modular manufacturing execution system (MES) software, PanaCIM® is a complete production eco-system for any size manufacturer. From the machine-level to the cloud-level, it adds new capabilities and automates processes across the entire manufacturing operation. See Heller’s newest reflow oven.

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