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HELLER Shines at CEIA Conference in China Focusing on the Smart Home Appliance Industry

April 27, 2023 – The Electronic Manufacturing Technology Committee of Shandong Electronics Society successfully hosted their Annual Conference alongside the 94th CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum in Qingdao, Chian. The conference featured discussions on cutting-edge topics such as advanced packaging, smart factories, and smart home appliances. Over 300 professionals from the industry attended the conference, and it garnered significant attention and praise from experts within the field.

HELLER has consistently viewed Qingdao as one of its most significant markets. The company has taken the initiative to showcase its latest products and technologies, with the intention of expanding its collaboration possibilities and identifying new opportunities.

The land of Shandong has a long history and outstanding people. As a famous manufacturing city in China, Qingdao has accumulated rich experience and resources in the field of intelligent manufacturing, successfully cultivating a large number of advantageous enterprises and innovation teams. In addition, the home appliance industry is one of the pillar industries in Qingdao that has international competitive advantages, and it is also an important supporting industry for Qingdao’s “Industrial Strong City” strategy. In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of the traditional home appliance industry, the industry has been continuously exploring towards high-end, green, and intelligent directions, and the growth space has also become broader.

Despite coinciding with the May Day Golden Week, numerous customers still visited HELLER’s booth seeking consultation. HELLER’s representatives provided attentive communication with each customer, addressing their inquiries about soldering processes while discussing the assistance that HELLER can provide. During the exhibition, HELLER’s sales manager, Mr. Shen Hounan, took note of the specific needs of every customer to better serve them in the future.

During the forum, Mr. Shen Hounan conducted a technical presentation titled “How to Eliminate Voids in the Reflow Soldering Process” for the audience. In his talk, Mr. Shen offered a detailed explanation of the working principle of HELLER’s vacuum reflow oven, along with its compatibility with Industry 4.0. He utilized practical applications to provide evidence and offer solutions on eliminating voids during the soldering process, closely adhering to the theme of the forum. The presentation captivated the audience and demonstrated HELLER’s profound knowledge and expertise in soldering processes.

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