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HELLER Attends CEIA Huizhou Seminar

On June 15th, the 99th CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum was successfully held in Huizhou, with HELLER being invited to participate and share their technological expertise. This conference focused on fields such as EV automotive electronics, new display technology, and intelligent digital solutions, attracting a professional audience from surrounding areas including Shenzhen and Dongguan. Industry professionals paid significant attention to the event, and nearly 700 colleagues from the industry attended the conference.

Huizhou leverages its industrial advantages to introduce various innovative elements, including innovative and entrepreneurial talent, which in turn drives industry development. Currently, Huizhou has established a modern industrial system called “2+2+N,” with the electronic information and the petrochemical industries as the main pillars, along with development of automotive, equipment manufacturing, and clean energy industries. As a national electronic information industry base, Huizhou’s industrial scale exceeds 350 billion yuan. The city has a strong foundation in strategic emerging industries such as flat panel displays, LED technology, and mobile internet.

During the seminar, Mr. Lin, the sales manager of HELLER, presented a solution for reflow soldering ovens in the SMT process based on the market situation in Huizhou. He shared the exceptional performance of HELLER’s vacuum reflow ovens in power devices, automotive electronics, semiconductors, and other fields, effectively addressing issues related to voids.

Numerous long-standing customers who have used HELLER’s reflow ovens have praised their products. Many stated that if they were to upgrade their production lines in the future, they would prioritize HELLER’s vacuum oven series.

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