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HELLER Awarded as Top Partner for Digitalization Ecosystem at Foxconn Conference

Shenzhen, China – November 2, 2023: HELLER, a leader in reflow oven technology, took center stage at the 2023 Foxconn Automotive Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing and Advanced Technology Conference. Not only did they showcase their innovative solutions, but they were also awarded the prestigious “2023 Digital Foxconn Ecosystem Partner” award, solidifying their commitment to shaping the future of automotive electronics alongside industry leaders.

Driving Innovation in a Crucial Industry:

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, with electronics playing an increasingly vital role. This conference brought together experts, manufacturers, and equipment providers to tackle the challenges of reliability, efficiency, and advanced technology integration.

HELLER’s Cutting-Edge Solutions Take Center Stage:

Mr. Zhu Jie, HELLER’s Product Marketing Director, delivered a captivating presentation on “HELLER’s Solution on High Reliability Soldering for Automotive Electronics”. He highlighted their innovative vacuum reflow oven and pressure curing oven solutions, specifically designed to address the critical high-reliability requirements of automotive electronics compared to consumer products.

A Strong Collaboration for a Brighter Future:

HELLER’s dedication to excellence was recognized with the “2023 Digital Foxconn Ecosystem Partner” award. This award signifies their commitment to collaboration, continuous innovation, and green technology. As Mr. Zhu Jie stated, “Exploration and innovation are the driving force for HELLER’s progress.”

Looking Ahead – Shaping the Future Together:

HELLER remains committed to partnering with industry leaders like Foxconn to shape the future of automotive electronics. They plan to continuously improve their solutions, strengthen customer relationships, and adapt to the rapidly evolving market. This exciting collaboration between innovative companies creates a promising future for the entire automotive electronics industry.

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