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HELLER Exhibition at NEPCON CHINA 2023 a Resounding Success

From July 19-21, 2023, the highly anticipated NEPCON China 2023 took place at the prestigious Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall, marking a resounding success. Among the prominent participants, HELLER, renowned for its leadership in the reflow soldering market, was graciously invited to partake in this grand exhibition. Undoubtedly, it was an absolute honor to engage in face-to-face interactions with industry peers, offering an invaluable opportunity to share and exchange the latest advancements in the dynamic electronic manufacturing landscape.

At the exhibition, the HELLER team left a lasting impression on every visiting customer with their exceptional professionalism and unwavering enthusiasm. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, the popularity of the HELLER booth remained consistently high, with the reception area fully booked throughout the event. Engaging in fruitful negotiations and exchanges, numerous customers gained profound insights into HELLER and our cutting-edge reflow soldering products. Notably, the HELLER booth also drew the attention of prominent media reporters, who eagerly conducted interviews, further amplifying our presence at the exhibition.

At this exhibition, HELLER showcased three product families: the vacuum reflow oven, the MK7 reflow soldering oven, and the pressure curing oven (PCO). The spotlight of the exhibition, however, undeniably falls upon HELLER’s https://hellerindustries.com/voidless/”>vacuum reflow oven. As the demand for automotive electronics, LEDs, and power electronics continues to surge, the significance of minimizing solder voids during the reflow process has become paramount to enhancing product reliability. By employing vacuum reflow soldering technology, the oven effectively reduces solder void rates to less than 1%, standing as one of the most effective approaches available.

As the NEPCON exhibition concludes, a new chapter unfolds in the enduring bond between HELLER and our customers. We are steadfast in providing industry-leading products and solutions. Together, we will drive the vibrant development of the electronic manufacturing industry. With excitement, we eagerly anticipate our next meeting!

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Heller Industries is the market leader in reflow oven technology and supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. For more information visit hellerindustries.com

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