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HELLER Participates and Brings Technical Sharing to the CEIA Hefei Seminar

On June 8th, the 98th CEIA China Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum was successfully held in Hefei, with HELLER being invited to participate and share their technology. This conference primarily focuses on areas such as smart home appliances, military electronics, and EV automotive electronics, garnering significant attention from industry professionals. The conference was attended by nearly 500 colleagues from the industry.

In recent years, Hefei has proactively embraced the opportunities presented by a new wave of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, propelling a swift transition from “Made in Hefei” to “Smart in Hefei.” A multitude of high-tech enterprises, including Meling, BOE Technology, LCFC, and NIO, have flourished in Hefei, solidifying the city’s position as an industrial landmark with its advanced manufacturing cluster focusing on “Core Screen Auto, 5G Smart.”

Harnessing the momentum of the digital revolution, Hefei is experiencing a pervasive surge of technological innovation. Through the “Hefei model” of capital investment attraction, the city has introduced and nurtured emerging industries such as new display devices, semiconductors, and electrical vehicles.

HELLER, with its advanced product philosophy, international technical team, and localized service advantages, offers a wider range of choices to local enterprises in Hefei.

Since developing the first reflow oven in 1987 and subsequently introducing their first vacuum oven in 2013, HELLER has been addressing the issue of voids in reflow soldering. Currently, our vacuum ovens can achieve a void rate of less than 1%, significantly enhancing solder joint quality.

Throughout the day of presentations and interactions, the enthusiasm of Hefei was felt. Customers, driven by high expectations, approached HELLER to inquire about their products, showing great interest in their vacuum reflow oven. HELLER’s products are renowned locally for their high quality and cost-effectiveness.

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Heller Industries is the market leader in reflow oven technology and supplies solutions for electronics manufacturers and assemblers worldwide. For more information visit https://hellerindustries.com

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