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HELLER Recognized Again as Shanghai High-Tech Leader

Shanghai, China – HELLER, a leading innovator in reflow soldering technology, has been named a Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise for 2023. This prestigious recognition, announced by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, reaffirms HELLER’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and industry excellence.

A Commitment to Innovation and Customer Service

For over two decades, HELLER has served the Chinese market with dedication and foresight. Their unwavering focus on pushing the boundaries of reflow soldering technology has translated into high-performance solutions for diverse industries, including Solder Reflow Ovens for SMT (Surface Mount Technology), electronics assembly, power device assembly, and semiconductor advanced packaging.

Setting the Bar Higher for Thermal Processing

Beyond innovation, HELLER prioritizes exceptional customer service. Their commitment to quality after-sales support has garnered them a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness within the industry.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Breakthroughs

HELLER’s vision extends far beyond this recent accolade. Looking ahead, their team is dedicated to continuous technology advancements, aiming to deliver even more cutting-edge thermal processing solutions for their industry partners. By continually breaking new ground, they strive to empower their clients and shape the future of these critical sectors.

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