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HELLER Shanghai - Grand Opening

HELLER Shanghai 2023 New Plant – Grand Opening

Shanghai, China – As spring blossoms arrive and everything comes to life, HELLER Shanghai continues to grow and expand its capabilities in R&D, manufacturing, and customer support. In order to better serve its customers in China and around the world, and to meet future challenges and opportunities, HELLER China has moved to a new location after 21 years at their previous facilities in Shanghai.

On April 9, 2023, HELLER Shanghai officially relocated to No. 227 Minqiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The new location will enable the company to better serve its customers with improved facilities, technology, and resources, as well as to expand its operations and increase efficiency. With this move, HELLER Shanghai is committed to continuing its tradition of excellence in providing innovative solutions and exceptional customer service.

The ceremony officially began at 10 a.m. with Mr. David Heller, CEO of HELLER, speaking on behalf of HELLER US and global employees. He warmly congratulated HELLER Shanghai on its successful relocation and expressed his gratitude to the Shanghai team for their efforts in making it happen. Additionally, he thanked the company’s customers and partners for their continued trust and support.

Mr. Heller believes that the new environment will enable HELLER’s management team to better leverage its strengths and help employees improve in all aspects, ultimately providing more efficient services to customers. The CEO emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service, and he expressed his confidence that the relocation will enable HELLER China to continue to thrive and grow in the future.

Against the backdrop of traditional gongs and drums, a professional lion dance team delivered a stunning performance. The highlight of the event was when Mr. David Heller, CEO of HELLER, and Mr. Chris Morath, COO of HELLER, were invited to paint the lion’s eyes, a traditional Chinese custom that symbolizes “auspicious opening and extensive financial resources.” This was followed by Mr. Heller, Mr. Morath, and HELLER China president WG Law jointly cutting the ribbon and opening a new chapter for HELLER in China and globally.

Following the celebration, the attending guests, accompanied by company leaders, were given a tour of the new factory and were shown HELLER’s latest equipment. The tour was an opportunity to showcase the company’s commitment to investing in advanced technology and to demonstrate its capabilities to provide innovative solutions to customers.

HELLER Shanghai 2023 New Plant - Grand Opening photo
HELLER Partners
HELLER’s Employees in China
Heller Shanghai President WG Law (left), Heller CEO Dave Heller (center), Heller COO Chris Morath (right)
Painting the lion’s eyes
New factory tour

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