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HELLER Participates at the Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing and SMT Technology Exchange Conference

The 2023 Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing and SMT Technology Exchange Conference, hosted by the Intelligent Manufacturing Committee of the Beijing Electronics Society, was successfully held in Beijing on May 25th. HELLER was honored to be invited and actively participated by sharing their cutting-edge technology and expertise.

The conference featured a lineup of over ten exciting topics, with nearly 40 outstanding enterprises showcasing their value. HELLER, along with experts and scholars engaged in discussions delving into the realms of new SMT technologies and innovative solutions.

During the conference, Mr. Shen, sales manager of HELLER, showcased the remarkable capabilities of the HELLER MK7 series products for SMT processes. Backed by real-life case studies, he highlighted the exceptional performance in heating, cooling, flux recovery, and energy efficiency. Additionally, Mr. Shen addressed the concerns of quality-conscious customers in North China by shedding light on preventing tin splashing and optimizing vacuum degree control during vacuum reflow soldering. From a fresh perspective, he offered innovative solutions to product process challenges, ensuring enhanced product quality and reliability.

Since its inception, HELLER has remained steadfast in its commitment to innovation and research and development of reflow soldering technology. By actively listening to our customers, we immerse ourselves in their operational environments to gain a deep understanding of their unique challenges. This enables us to effectively address their process-related issues and consistently introduce groundbreaking solutions. Our continuous dedication to innovation allows us to deliver the finest products and solutions to electronic manufacturers and advanced semiconductor packaging companies worldwide.

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