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HELLER Attends SbSTC Suzhou Seminar to Explore New Ideas for “Manufacturing in Suzhou”

On June 14, the STEP-BY-STEP TECHNICAL CONFERENCE (SbSTC) was successfully held at the Jinji Lake International Convention Center in Suzhou. HELLER, a professional manufacturer of reflow soldering ovens in the Semicon and SMT industries, was invited to participate in this event. The conference aimed to explore cutting-edge technologies in the industry, bringing together on-site experts, scholars, and visitors to share new products and technologies in the field of reflow soldering.

The seminar centered around the theme of “Digital Transformation and Reliability Improvement of the Smart Factory.” The dual venues served as a hub for valuable resources from all parties involved. Twenty-five guest speakers provided suggestions encompassing the entire SMT process, while over 60 exhibitors showcased new products, creating an atmosphere of excitement in Jinji Lake, Suzhou, and driving the exploration of the “Suzhou manufacturing” concept.

Suzhou, as a globally recognized manufacturing city, boasts a robust foundation and a diverse range of manufacturing industries. The electronic information sector, with a market scale exceeding one trillion yuan and nearly one million employees, holds a leading position nationwide. Subsectors such as integrated circuits, new displays, and photonics maintain competitiveness nationwide.

In recent years, Suzhou has actively seized development opportunities of the intelligent Vehicle-to-Everything industry. It successfully established the province’s first provincial Vehicle-to-Everything pilot area and the national 5G Vehicle-to-Everything verification and application project. Additionally, Suzhou played host to the 29th Intelligent Transport World Conference, making significant progress in industrial development.

Standing at the forefront of the new era, Suzhou has heralded the dawn of a robust intelligent Vehicle-to-Everything industry, reaching a hundred-billion-yuan level.

During the seminar, Mr. Chen, the sales manager of HELLER, primarily focused on sharing insights into “High Reliability Soldering and Curing Solutions for Automotive Electronics.”

Smart cars, following in the footsteps of smartphones, are set to drive the electronics industry’s development in the next decade. The high-reliability requirements of automotive electronics necessitate soldering quality far superior to that of consumer electronics. A prominent issue in the soldering process is the formation of voids, which can adversely affect product performance, stability, and lifespan.

Mr. Chen provided an in-depth understanding of the distinct requirements of automotive electronics, including emerging automotive electronics for electric vehicles and autonomous driving, and the new challenges these pose to the electronic manufacturing industry. He further described how vacuum ovens and vacuum pressure ovens can offer high-reliability solutions for automotive electronics.
This Suzhou Seminar coincided with the 25th anniversary of ACT25. By involving three frequency resonance technicians from Suzhou and the Yangtze River Delta, the event fostered cross-border integration, creating a high-quality industry gathering for electronic manufacturers.
We extend our gratitude to SbSTC for granting HELLER the opportunity to showcase our expertise, and we eagerly anticipate future encounters to further enhance our collaboration!

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