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HELLER’S High UPH Vacuum Oven Wins the “17th Step-by-Step Excellence Awards”

On October 11, 2023, the prestigious “Step by Step Excellence Awards” (SbSEA), formerly known as the Vision Awards, were ceremoniously held at the NEPCON Asia exhibition in Shenzhen. The award-winning product was carefully chosen by a panel of renowned experts in the electronic manufacturing industry and a group of dedicated readers of SbSTC. From numerous new products vying for recognition, those that made substantial contributions to the electronic manufacturing industry were singled out for honor.

HELLER’s High UPH Vacuum Oven clinched the coveted “Step-by-Step Excellence Awards” – Innovation Award owing to its industry-leading product strength and outstanding performance.

Established in 2007, SbSEA has garnered a reputation for recognizing outstanding products in the electronic manufacturing surface assembly sector. Over the past 17 years, SbSEA has acknowledged exceptional products and processes that have propelled the Chinese electronic assembly industry to manufacture superior and more reliable products. Through the Excellence Awards, exceptional products and processes are acknowledged. The selection criteria for shortlisted products encompass innovation, contribution to reducing industry costs downstream, enhancement of product quality, amplification of production efficiency, and augmentation of product reliability. Additionally, factors such as operational safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, and the comprehensive impact on the industry are considered.

This marks the fifth occasion HELLER has received the SbSEA, inspiring us to persistently innovate, surpass our own limits, and lead the future trajectory of reflow soldering technology. This direction aligns with market demands, propelling the electronic manufacturing industry towards intelligent and eco-friendly production.

The award-winning product this time around is HELLER’s newly unveiled High UPH Vacuum Oven in 2023. In contrast to ordinary vacuum reflow ovens, HELLER significantly reduces the time for products to enter and exit the vacuum chamber through a newly designed multi-stage rail conveyor system. This innovation shortens the entire vacuum reflow process, substantially enhancing production capacity by up to 85%.

After two years of rigorous research and testing, HELLER launched the High UPH Vacuum Oven this year, receiving acclaim from numerous customers. Currently, this product is available globally, with the first batch of customer orders already delivered.

This award serves as a high commendation for HELLER’s new products. Moving forward, we are committed to delivering even higher quality and more reliable reflow soldering-related products to our valued customers.

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