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Manual Batch Pressure Curing Oven – PCO 500

PCO 500 photo

Manual loading Batch Pressure Curing Oven with conduction heating plate option for 300mm wafers.

  • Oven Size (mm): 1,800[L] x 1,400[W] x 1,700[H]
  • Chamber Usable Area (mm): 350[L] x 350[W] x 227[H]
  • Max Operating Pressure: 12 Bar (174 psi)
  • Max Operating Temperature:
    • 200⁰ C (Forced Air Convection)
    • 350⁰ C (Conduction Plate Option)
  • Manual Loading
  • External Chiller Option
Batch Pressure Curing Oven for 300mm Wafers pic

Optional conduction plate inside pressure chamber.

Batch Pressure Curing Oven for 300mm Wafers pic

System Air Flow (Top Down)

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