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520 Pressure Curing Oven

A Pressure Curing Oven (PCO), or Autoclave, is used to minimize voiding and increase adhesion strength for bonding processes typically used in die attach and underfill applications.

520 Pressure Curing Oven (PCO) photo
  • PCO pressurizes air into a rigid vessel and heats & cools with forced convection.
  • Heaters, heat exchangers and blowers are internal to the pressure vessel.
  • When the curing process is complete, the Pressure Curing Ovens automatically relieves its pressure to 1atm and cools.
Process Specification:
  • Process time: Generally 120 min or User’s spec
  • Operating temp: 60oC ~ 200oC
  • Maximum temp: 220oC
  • Operating pressure: 1 bar – 10 bar
  • Capacity: 24 Magazines (typical)
  • Cooling method: PCW (17oC – 23oC)
  • Cooling water pressure: 25 – 40 psi
Pressure Cure Applications:

  • Composite Forming for the printing industry
  • Die Attach Curing
  • Wafer Laminating
  • Thermal Compress Bonding
  • Underfill Curing
  • Via Filling
  • Film & Tape Bonding

Manual loading batch Pressure Curing Oven for magazines

  • Oven Size (mm): 2,200[L] x 1,700[W] x 1,700[H]
  • Chamber Usable Area (mm): 716.5[L] x 608[W] x 440[H]
  • Max Operating Pressure: 10 Bar (145 psi)
  • Max Operating Temperature: 200⁰ C
  • Typical Capacity: 24 Magazines
  • Nitrogen Enabled (option)
  • Up to Cleanroom Class 100 (option)
  • Vacuum down to 10 Torr (option)
  • Manual Loading
pressure curing oven
System Air Flow
Vacuum Module Option
PCO System Chamber
Chamber Dimensions
PCO System Dimensions
Chamber with shelves extended
Representative Pressure/Temp Profiles (User Configurable)
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