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HMO 50 -Horizontal Magazine Curing Oven

Horizontal Magazine Oven - 50 photo

A horizontal in-line magazine curing oven with a magazine loader and unloader, and a magazine return
conveyor system. Oven Size (mm): 3,300[W] x 1,650[D] x 2,500[H]

  • Loader (mm): 1,050[W] x 1,500[D] x 2,100[H]
  • Unloader (mm): 1,400[W] x 1,500[D] x 2,100[H]
  • Bypass (mm): 3,000[W] x 500[D] x 950[H]
  • Total Size with Loaders and Bypass (mm): 5,400[W] x 2,000[D] x 2,500[H]
  • Max. Operating Temp: 150⁰ C
  • Temperature Uniformity (on product): ±5⁰ C

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