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2043MK5-F Formic Acid Reflow Ovens

2043MK5-F Formic Acid Reflow photo

Oven Length 678cm
Heated Zones 13 Top / 13 Bottom
Total Heated Length 430 cm
Cool Zones 3 Top (Bottom Option)
Max Working Temperature Standard: 350°C
Option: 400°C
Cleanroom Option Down to Class 1000
Formic Acid Stability in Soak Zone +/- 1%
  • Auto Refill Formic Acid Bubbler
  • Formic Exhaust Abatement System
  • Real Time Formic Acid Concentration and O2 PPM Monitoring
  • Formic Acid and Carbon Monoxide Safety Sensors
  • SEMI S2/S8 Compliant
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